Friday, May 3, 2013

"Rahmat" International Wildlife Museum & Gallery

Museum & Gallery has been entered in the Record Book and has received international awards in the field of conservation efforts to prevent the extinction of wildlife in the world. Displays various collections of wildlife from the smallest to the largest according to the habitat. The atmosphere is fun, beautiful architecture and the building will be presenting real-world wildlife and natural environment.

Its founder is a fan of sport hunting and the conservation of nature lovers. Museums & Galleries Through this he invites us to better understand the diversity of wildlife that exist in the world, introduced him to our children, so we are more caring and preserving the wildlife living in the world. A place that was built as a means of education research as well as tourist attractions.
 Rahmat International Wildlife Museum & Gallery the only one in Asia that has ± 1000 species of animals of various countries. Now, after building the development that was completed on 23 October 2007, the Museum & Gallery has an area of ​​2970 m² building.
"Rahmat" International Wildlife Museum & Gallery adalah satu - satunya di Asia yang memiliki 850 koneksi satwa dari berbagai negara, tlah masuk Record Book dan menerima penghargaan internasional pada bidang koservasi dalam upaya mencegah kepunahan satwa - satwa liar di dunia. Di galery ini ditampilkan berbagai koleksi satwa liar terkecil hingga yang terbesar sesuai dengan habitatnya.Add caption

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